Time to prepare for allergy and cold season!

Allergy season is here and its time to prepare! Some great things I often get when I'm traveling or in a pinch are "Gypsy Cold Care" tea from Traditional Medicinals and "My Community" mushroom blend by Host Defense. The mushroom blend helps build up the immune system and the tea helps nourish the respiratory system when its under attack.

Its also important to cover the neck and chest since they need to be protected from the changes in elements outdoors. Especially wind and cold.

To prepare for the season that bothers your allergies the most, its best to come in the season before hand and get regular acupuncure sessions to help build up your immune system. If your allergies are already out of whack, we can start helping calm them down so you are more comfortable. The sessions will reduce the inflammation, increase circulation and balance out your mood, since noone likes to feel icky from Allergies!

Let me know if you have any questions about Allergy season! Take Care and see you soon!